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The PNW Press is a high quality tumbler press constructed with heavy-duty steel. Featuring the longest drinkware attachment on the market, at 12" you can press a wide variety of drinkware with consistency and ease. Combined with it's user-friendly and bright control panel, the PNW Press is truly a game changer in the tumbler making world. 

When you purchase from us you aren't buying just a tumbler press. You are investing in you business/hobby with a premier machine that comes with a 1 year limited warranty, loads of content on how to use and troubleshoot your press, and a large community of happy pressers who have joined the PNW Press club.

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Curious what's inside the box? Click the image to be redirected to our YouTube channel to watch Anna unboxing a Big Sarge! Don't forget to subscribe and follow us! ;) 

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Mandatory for all press owners ;). Please click the image to download the Guide. Print it out for future reference.

*Subject to change with additional information at any given time*

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Please remember that there's a learning curve with the PNW Press just like any new item. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk. On this site, in the Facebook group, and our other social media channels we have created lots of content and material. You will find ALL you need to know about how to setup, use, and troubleshoot your press. Please make sure to do your own research before reaching out.

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Attachment length: 12"

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In addition to the 12" long attachment supplied with the PNW Press, there are several attachments sold separately to press specialty drinkware.

  • 12" attachment: press any straight or slightly tapered tumblers with a height of 11" tall and a circumference up to 11.5" around. Press up to 20+ kinds of drinkware including but not limited to:​​

    • 15, 20, 30 oz skinny tumblers​

    • 12 oz kids cups/sippy cups

    • 17 and 32 oz Bullet tumblers

    • 18, 25, 32 oz Hydro Bottles

    • Speaker Tumblers

    • Wide (fatty) tumblers

    • Glass bottles, tumblers, cans

    • Mason Jars

    • Lowball tumblers

    • 12 and 16 oz Camp mugs,

    • Wine cups

    • 2 coffee mugs at once

  • Mug attachment: For wider coverage on coffee mugs

  • Shot glass attachment: For use on 2-3 oz tapered shot glasses

  • Bottle attachment: For use on wider drinkware such as 14 oz camp mugs with a 12" circumference

  • Latte attachment: For use on latte-style mugs and very tapered tumblers

  • 30 oz attachment (tops only): For use on 30 oz standard style tumblers that are wide at the top and thinner on bottom.

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