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Step 2: Calibration

Your first step after unboxing and plugging it in is Calibration. NOTE: If you are working with the wrong temps without knowing it, you WILL have poor results.

Calibration instructions can be found in the Press Starter Guide or watch this video in the group:

You will need a good-quality infrared thermometer to calibrate your press correctly. We sell them, or you can find one at Lowe's or Home Depot. Alternatively, Amazon has a huge selection, but please read the reviews first.

When calibrating: watch this video to learn how to measure the attachment temperature correctly. The way you hold the infrared thermometer is VERY important!

Still confused about the Calibration? We created this step-by-step Pictorial for you to make setting up and calibrating your press even easier:

PNW Press Calibration
Download PDF • 11.96MB

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