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Step 3: Finding your Sweet Spot

Your press will come with two free tumblers. Use them for the strip test to avoid wasting tumbler after tumbler.

Looking for a perfect #striptest image? Try this one: The image has the perfect blackest black and a rainbow tie-dye. Cut it in strips and follow the steps in the videos above.

Change only ONE thing at a time when trying to dial in your settings. If you change everything at once, you won't know what worked and what didn't. Sublimation is science. Treat it like a science experiment. 5 degrees or 5 seconds at a time. Keep records of the changes so you have something to reference.

Remember: Your environmental conditions like room temperature, weather, and humidity WILL affect your results! The combination of ink, paper, and the brand of your tumblers will affect the settings as well. There are so many variables! What works for us for time and temperature may not work for you. It's a learning process with trial and error. This is why we include free practice tumblers.

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